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Danica Patrick


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Danica Patrick

BIRTHDATE: March 25, 1982

AGE: 22

HEIGHT: 5' 2"

WEIGHT: 100 lbs.

FAMILY: Parents: Father & Mother: TJ & Bev Patrick,

Sister: Brooke



RACING GOALS: To become an open-wheel racing champion

MOST MEMORABLE ACHIEVEMENTS: Finishing second in the Formula Ford Festival

RACING HEROES: No heroes, just role models. So far, my Dad, Lyn St. James, Bobby Rahal and Jacques Villeneuve.

IF NOT RACING: Not sure because I've never had to think about it.

PHILOSOPHY: Life is what you make of it.

BEST ADVICE: You are the only one who can make yourself at the end of the day so at least strive for that.

ADMIRES IN OTHERS: The ability to attack a job right away. I tend to


GREATEST INFLUENCE: My parents by setting the standard that they have.

PHYSICAL PREPARATION: Running, weight training and yoga.

MENTAL PREPARATION: I spend time visualizing myself making laps of

the track.

HOBBIES: Working out, traveling, nice dinners and laughing.

FAVORITE CLOTHES: Guys briefs and a long sleeve t-shirt.

FAVORITE MUSIC: Anything but country and classical.

FAVORITE CD: Jagged Little Pill — Alanis Morissette

PERSONAL VEHICLE: Mercedes Benz 230

FAVORITE CAR: Ferrari 360

FAVORITE TV SHOWS: Sex in the City, anything on the Food Network and The Late Show with David Letterman.

TV SHOW THAT I HATE: Anything western or in black & white.

FAVORITE MOVIE: Tommy Boy and Dumb & Dumber

FAVORITE ACTORS: Adam Sandler and Jim Carey


FAVORITE FOOD: Anything healthy especially fish, veggies and fruit.


BEST DAY OF THE YEAR: First day of summer


WEAKNESS: Procrastination

GREATEST AGGRAVATION: When people ask me about racing trying to be social. Only ask if you really want to know something.


Danica is recently engaged and lives in Phoenix, Arizona. . .She has a pet miniature schnauzer named William Robert, Billy for short. . .In her spare time she likes to shop, Best Buy, Arden B and BCBG are among her favorite stores. She also loves to workout and she religiously watches Regis and Kelly. . .An avid fan of music she likes everything BUT country and classical. Her favorite singer is Alanis Morissette and she also list Norah Jones, Queen and Nelly among her favorites. . . Once an aspiring musician, she played flute and sang in the choir in high school. . .She is a frequent movie watcher who prefers comedies, especially those with Adam Sandler and Jim Carey. Her favorite actresses would be Julia Stiles, Julia Roberts and Nicole Kidman. . . She loves to roller blade and believes in a variety of activities to work out. She combines running (3-5 miles) and weight training with what she calls ‘extreme yoga.’ Her 90-minute yoga sessions are conducted in a 100-degree room with a circuit of 26 poses which is repeated twice.

She can currently be seen on Spike TV's "Power Block".





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