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Danica Patrick

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Danica Patrick

BIRTHDATE: March 25, 1982

AGE: 22

HEIGHT: 5' 2"

WEIGHT: 100 lbs.

FAMILY: Parents: Father & Mother: TJ & Bev Patrick,

Sister: Brooke



RACING GOALS: To become an open-wheel racing champion

MOST MEMORABLE ACHIEVEMENTS: Finishing second in the Formula Ford Festival

RACING HEROES: No heroes, just role models. So far, my Dad, Lyn St. James, Bobby Rahal and Jacques Villeneuve.

IF NOT RACING: Not sure because I've never had to think about it.

PHILOSOPHY: Life is what you make of it.

BEST ADVICE: You are the only one who can make yourself at the end of the day so at least strive for that.

ADMIRES IN OTHERS: The ability to attack a job right away. I tend to


GREATEST INFLUENCE: My parents by setting the standard that they have.

PHYSICAL PREPARATION: Running, weight training and yoga.

MENTAL PREPARATION: I spend time visualizing myself making laps of

the track.

HOBBIES: Working out, traveling, nice dinners and laughing.

FAVORITE CLOTHES: Guys briefs and a long sleeve t-shirt.

FAVORITE MUSIC: Anything but country and classical.

FAVORITE CD: Jagged Little Pill — Alanis Morissette

PERSONAL VEHICLE: Mercedes Benz 230

FAVORITE CAR: Ferrari 360

FAVORITE TV SHOWS: Sex in the City, anything on the Food Network and The Late Show with David Letterman.

TV SHOW THAT I HATE: Anything western or in black & white.

FAVORITE MOVIE: Tommy Boy and Dumb & Dumber

FAVORITE ACTORS: Adam Sandler and Jim Carey


FAVORITE FOOD: Anything healthy especially fish, veggies and fruit.


BEST DAY OF THE YEAR: First day of summer


WEAKNESS: Procrastination

GREATEST AGGRAVATION: When people ask me about racing trying to be social. Only ask if you really want to know something.


Danica is recently engaged and lives in Phoenix, Arizona. . .She has a pet miniature schnauzer named William Robert, Billy for short. . .In her spare time she likes to shop, Best Buy, Arden B and BCBG are among her favorite stores. She also loves to workout and she religiously watches Regis and Kelly. . .An avid fan of music she likes everything BUT country and classical. Her favorite singer is Alanis Morissette and she also list Norah Jones, Queen and Nelly among her favorites. . . Once an aspiring musician, she played flute and sang in the choir in high school. . .She is a frequent movie watcher who prefers comedies, especially those with Adam Sandler and Jim Carey. Her favorite actresses would be Julia Stiles, Julia Roberts and Nicole Kidman. . . She loves to roller blade and believes in a variety of activities to work out. She combines running (3-5 miles) and weight training with what she calls ‘extreme yoga.’ Her 90-minute yoga sessions are conducted in a 100-degree room with a circuit of 26 poses which is repeated twice.

She can currently be seen on Spike TV's "Power Block".





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congratulations danica !!!

on the first day of rookie orientation at indy she posted the fastest

lap-less than a second off of last years pole speed.

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Congrats to Danica on her 4th place finish at the Indianapolis 500. I must say, the last few laps of the race was actually pretty exciting.

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She wasn't born in beloit O.o she was born in Roscoe, IL o.o or someones information is wrong. Because the Illinois newspaper from here is praising her from being from IL.

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Yeah I know. Lol it blows my mind how her website says one thing but she says another but whatever. Doesn't matter she's a good racer.

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yes she is, if she would have gotten a few more laps under yellow

she may have just won it, i was pulling for her

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I couldn't watch it but I read about it in the paper. Oh, well there is always next year. :yes: she's suppose to be getting married soon that's hot.

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lucky guy, i can't imagine watching someone i love doing something that dangerous, but that what she loves so you would have to

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