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Who is the models?


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Need some help.... :idk: :idk: :idk:

no.1 post-5603-1184624263_thumb.jpg

no2. post-5603-1184624276_thumb.jpg

no.3 post-5603-1184624288_thumb.jpg

no.4 post-5603-1184624300_thumb.jpg

no.5 post-5603-1184624318_thumb.jpg

no.6 post-5603-1184624333_thumb.jpg

no.7 post-5603-1184624351_thumb.jpg

... and :whistle: some who have this bigger??? :cry2: :cry2: :idk: :idk:


Elle MacPherson, I think is on the French Elle magazine..

:heart: Love Miss from Norway

:wave: :wave:

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