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Elodie Frégé


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Elodie Frégé (born February 15, 1982) is a French singer and occasionally an actress. She was the winner of the third season of Star Academy France. She released her self-titled debut album after winning the show.

Elodie was born in Nievre, France. She comes from a family with a musical background; her grandfather (who is of Italian origin) was a professional accordionist. She started her musical interest at the age of 6. She start learning guitar when she was a child and took classes for 8 years. She also trained ballet for 12 years, so that gave her good basic dancing skills which have helped her later in her music career. Her brother and sister showed musical interest; they also sing and perform.

She auditioned for Star Academy Season 3 and won the title in 2004. Many people, including the professors and critics, felt Sofia Essaïdi should have been the winner.[citation needed] However, the French public chose Elodie, the emotional singer against the vocal performer Sofia.

She later 2004 released her debut self-titled album, Élodie Frégé. Her hit singles were "De L'eau" and "Viens jusqu'à moi". In 2006, she released her second album, Le Jeu des 7 Erreurs, written and composed with a french artist Benjamin Biolay. The first single is "La ceinture".

She made her first solo concerts in Paris on december 2006 at Café de la Danse, and on january 2007 at La Cigale, beginning her first tour through France and Belgium.


Élodie Frégé - 2004 (#4 FR)

Le Jeu des 7 Erreurs - 2006 (#12 FR)


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