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Cute Is What We Aim For

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Cute Is What We Aim For


Cute Is What We Aim For is an emo/rock band that formed during January of 2005 in Rochester, New York. Though in the past the band has had four members, the current lineup is three. In 2006, their Billboard 200-charting debut album The Same Old Blood Rush with a New Touch was released by Fueled by Ramen.


When the members decided to devote themselves fully to Cute Is What We Aim For, the parting of ways with their other bands was less than amicable. Some members of Hacikyan's former band, Cherry Bing, blamed Hacikyan for the demise of the group. Cute Is What We Aim For was criticized for negligibilities such as their past engagements and their band name, amongst seemingly more important complaints such as allegations of plagiarism. Nevertheless, the band managed to rapidly build a fanbase. A considerable amount of the band's swift success is likely thanks to Absolutepunk.net, who highlighted them in a section called "Absolutely Unsigned". Later, the website's founder, Jason Tate, accused them of being marketing marionettes of their label and excessively using Auto-Tune on their debut album. Hacikyan and the album's producer, Matt Squire, admitted to using Auto-Tune but denied the other allegations in the following Absolutepunk interview.

However, the drama surrounding the band was further fueled when the band fired their manager, who accused them of unethical business practices,and underwent several line-up changes. On June 20, 2006, Cute Is What We Aim For's debut album The Same Old Blood Rush with a New Touch hit store shelves, debuting at #75 on the Billboard 200.

On October 17, 2006, it was announced on the band's MySpace blog that Cimato would be replaced by former October Fall bassist Jack Marin. However, just six months later Marin left the band to pursue other interests. Fred Cimato has returned to play bass until a suitable replacement has been found.

Band Members


Shaant Hacikyan – vocals

Jeff Czum – guitar, piano

Tom Falcone – drums


Chris Flury – guitar

Fred Cimato - bass

Jack Marin - bass



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I like "There's A Class For This". baahh I like all of their songs but for some reason I prefer the acoustic versions :idk:

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write an artical so i wrote about their cd.. :( someone in the class before us got FOB before we got to pick :'(

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