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Caroline Trentini

the sars

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thanks so so much for the pictures guys! :wub: and peyt for looking for that editorial :hug: :)

lol matt. btw does she have a bf? cos i read somewhere that she does.. so i dunno :/

She doesn't have a boyfriend. She is single, and she doesn't date. She said that she just wants to focus solely on her career. We confirmed this on TFS, because one of the people there knows her cousin, who confirmed all that info.

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must be the one that she once said she talks or texts to everyday , whoever he is, hes a really lucky guy :angry: , but anyways she refers to him as a "friend", so either he is just a really good friend or she doesnt really wanna talk about her private life, i just hope shes happy

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Hey guys. I'm the one who knows her cousin...I also thought she had a boyfriend (who was possibly also her booker)...but her cousin told me back in February that she was boyfriendless. This might have changed since then, of course, so I can ask him again (although I think it's kinda unfair and rude to bug him about that sort of thing).

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