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  1. Caroline Trentini

    http://video.aol.com/video-detail/id/578563116 i found this video of Caroline dancing backstage with other girls and i was wondering if anyone can rip it off from the page and upload it to rapidshare, yousendit or something?? i would really appreciate it
  2. Caroline Trentini

    Dang! Thanks a lot Thiago, shes looking amazing!
  3. Coco Rocha

    she looks great, thanks a lot xPedro, mesmel and sahara!
  4. Caroline Trentini

    Thanks for the pics Mesmel!
  5. Caroline Trentini

    Thanks Nath, she looks so cute in the chloe backstage ones
  6. Caroline Trentini

    must be the one that she once said she talks or texts to everyday , whoever he is, hes a really lucky guy , but anyways she refers to him as a "friend", so either he is just a really good friend or she doesnt really wanna talk about her private life, i just hope shes happy
  7. Caroline Trentini

    Cigarette Can't because she doesn't smoke. that makes me like her even more, shes a smart girl
  8. Caroline Trentini

    Rosa cha ad bigger version, hopefully not a repost
  9. Caroline Trentini

    Wow, she looks gorgeous, thanks for the scan Nath
  10. Coco Rocha

    i got an account there like a month ago and since then i havent been able to post, looks like the mods have to approve me before allow me to post, its stupid bcause im not even able to contact them and ask them to approve me cause once again they need to approve you first i hope you have better luck!
  11. Coco Rocha

    thanks for those Nath , she looks pretty
  12. Caroline Trentini

    hate the orange background but absolutely love Carol, btw THANKS A LOT The Joker
  13. Caroline Trentini

    Uhmmm... am i the only one who cant see that cover? will someone kindly post a link or something, pleaseee, im dying to see it
  14. Coco Rocha

    Found a new vid, dont know if you guys have seen it,im starting to love everything about her