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Mark "Marky" Chavez


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Mark "Marky" Chavez Lead singer of ADEMA 1999-2003 now back together 2009-

Mark "Marky" Anthony Chavez (born November 15, 1978) is an American-born singer of Mexican descent. He is currently lead singer for the nu metal band Adema and front man of Midnight Panic as well.

He was born and raised in Bakersfield CA. He attended and graduated from Garces Memorial High School, a private Catholic School in 1997. Marky is also the half brother of Jonthan Davis of the popular metal band, KORN.

** In ADEMA-

Mark Chavez formed Adema in 1998. The band originally started out with Chavez, Mike Montano,Mike Ransom, and Cesareo Garasa. In 1999, Montano and Garasa left and both were replaced by current bassist, Dave DeRoo and current drummer, Kris Kohls. Shortly thereafter Tim Fluckey joined the band, and maintained that lineup from 1999 to 2003. In 2004, while the band was at work on their third album, Chavez had a falling out with the band and departed shortly thereafter. Since departing the band, he has gained a somewhat rabid fan following, possibly because the fans preferred his voice and hard rock singing style to then lead singer for Adema, Luke Caraccioli's softer style. After Luke's departure from Adema Mark caught up with his former bandmates, and is once again on good terms with them. As of Aug, 13 2009, the original line up is back together!


Though there were rumors that he was working on a project dubbed "State Of Mind," which formerly featured Geno Lenardo and Frank Cavanagh, the guitarist and bassist of Filter, these turned out to be false. Chavez's current band, which does not feature the aforementioned musicians, is called Midnight Panic. The band line up includes his cousin, Peter Shubert, and the former Adema co-founders, Mike Montano and Cesareo Garasa. The band has released their debut album and a follow up LP is expected out in the later part of 2007. The band formerly featured, Matt Low as their drummer from 2005 to late 2006. He has since left the band to return to SWAG 667. They have a new drummer, Cesareo Garasa that join in 2007. In mid July 2007, Marky relased a statement on myspace he left Midnight Panic to do other work.

** Personal life

Mark is the younger half-brother of Jonathan Davis of Korn, both of whom were raised together. Davis helped promote Adema's second album Unstable. Chavez was married to a woman named Brandi, but split up in June 2007. They have a son, Marky Chavez III, born March 18, 2003.. He is good friends with Linkin Park frontman, Chester Bennington (who appeared in the music video for Adema's single, "The Way You Like It"). He is once again back on good terms with his former band mates of Adema and are back together.

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Now that Adema is back together they are doing some recording, they are having a few reunion shows in California. Its been 5 years since they've been on stage together. Which I lived in CA to go! :cry:

1/14/10 at the WHISKY A GO GO in West Hollywood, CA!



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