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Cassie Steele


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Singer, actress, dancer, gymnist, swimmer, skater, martial arts etc.... Not a bad resume before commencement! Cassie swiftly gained exposure through her success in commercials, which fast-tracked into television dramas and movies. Cassie's flair landed her the role of "Young Sydney" in the "Relic Hunter". Shortly thereafter her drive steered onto the set of "Degrassi: The Next Generation" series where she currently stars as Manny Santos.

This clever Canadian's latest sortie pierced the recording industry with the completion of her debut album "How Much For Happy". The record is 100% Cassie Steele. (sans record industry exploitation) Says Cassie, "It doesn't matter where this gets, just so long as I can keep writing and singing". She is currently rehearsing for her upcoming concert dates.

Cassie continues writing and acting while keeping school in the mix. She remains well disciplined with the help and support of a caring family. Don't blink! With "How Much For Happy" under her belt and a rapidly expanding list of screen credits, this dynamic, provoking personality is situated to detonate. Brace yourself!

Cassie Steele was born in Canada on December 2nd, 1989. At the age of 8 Cassie was very active, training fourteen hours a week for gymnastics, however, that all changed due to transportation issues. Ironically it was due to this porblem she began her first acting class, which she really enjoyed. Her father retired in 1999 allowing him to focus his attention on both daughters (Cassie and Alexandra). This gave Cassie a chance not only to act but to sing, dance, swim, skate, take lesson in guita, martial arts, and most importantly attend auditions. After being cast in some commercials Cassie stepped up to try television and movie auditions. This gave her the opportunity to land her first role in the "Relic Hunter" series as "Young Sydney." Shortly after that she joined the cast of "Degrassi:TNG" series as "Manny Santos." Just like most young performers Cassie's top priority is her family as she continues to balance her time between school, acting, and her music.




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