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Kelly Emberg


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Kelly Emberg

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Kelly Emberg (born 1959 in Texas), is a former model, best known for her relationship with rock star Rod Stewart.

Emberg was at the top of her career when she began dating Stewart in 1983, a highly successful all-American blonde fashion model who appeared in hundreds of print layouts including the Sports Illustrated swimsuit editions, Calvin Klein and Armani in the Eighties.

Daughter Ruby was born in 1987, with Stewart ordering their Bel Air mansion filled with pink roses, the new mum's favourite blooms. By 1990, there were rumours the relationship was under strain due to Rod's hesitation over walking down the aisle. By summer of that year, the celebrity couple had split up. Stewart insisted it was Emberg's decision to break off the relationship: "She had another geezer". Emberg filled a $25-million palimony suit in early 1991, which was settled – for an undisclosed amount in 1993.

Kelly is now an interior designer and owns a company called The Cotton Box, with a shop on Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles. Her biggest client is her ex-husband, where she designed the guest house on his Los Angeles estate in which his children by Alana Hamilton, Kimberly and Sean live along with Ruby.

Emberg has a further two sons, Tyler, seven, and Cole, four by Gavin Brodin, who co-owns The Cotton Box.

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Kelly Emberg's Fashion Career

Advertisements: CoverGirl, Maybelline, Napier

Magazine Covers: Germany: Vogue - October 1979, May & July 1980, July 1981, January 1983

UK: Vogue - November 1979, January 1980

US: Vogue - June 1979, September 1979; Mademoiselle - December 1978; Cosmopolitan - February 1980; Mademoiselle - May 1980; Glamour - October & November 1980; Cosmopolitan - December 1980; Cosmopolitan - May 1981; Vogue - July & August 1981, June 1982; Harper's Bazaar - July 1982; Cosmopolitan - October 1984

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Nice! Do you have any bigger versions of those Cosmopolitan covers? Please post them! She has one Mademoiselle cover that I know of. If you have it, that would be great if it were posted--also her Glamour covers. I would post them except for the fact that I don't have any of her covers!

It's always good to see new things--especially in the forum of a beautiful woman! :laugh:

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