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do you know these celebs?


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Beyonce came out with Mike Meyers in Austin Powers...Mike Myers used to be on SNL...Ashlee got caught lip syching on SNL...I don't know you see a pattern?

that's possible pattern :clap:

good job on making the pattern, now we gotta figure out who the other two is :)

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so Mike myers was on SNL as well as Adam whom i dont know what's the conncetion with ashlee and ashlee performed at SNL/ and won teen choice award as well as kelly clarkson and beyonce?????????

im going nuts :rofl: :banghead: :chicken: :rofl:

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guys u r great!!!!!

btw don't u think 4th is jamie presley? i don't know her but somebody mentioned it can be her

so as for now:

1. Mike maers

2. Adam sandler ?

3. Ashlee simpson

4. jamie Presley ?

5. beyonce

beyonce was in Austin Powers where Mike Maers was too,

Mike Mayers was in SNL whre Ashlee was too

Ashlee was in Teen choice awards as Adam Sandler was


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No problem...where'd you find this? I love these games!

i'm participating in such a game we have to do tasks which are related with celebs. that's he first task and i alreday thought 'shit' i've recogniced just beyonce and ashlee

btw which kelly? klarckson?

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yeah but it is not excatly what is necessary it should be like this:


So Johnny Depp was in "Pirates of the Caribbean" with Orlando Bloom who was in the movie "Elizabethtown" with Kirsten Dunst who was in the movie "Spiderman" with Toby Maguire who was in the movie "Pleasantville" with Reese Witherspoon.

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