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Taylor Fuchs

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amazing govea loving the ones in the white long coat, hes looking right at the camera, gives me shivers!

haha the tatoos on his hands in the bottega....

:laugh: I didn't notice the tattoos.

I love the one with the suit and the fur thing on his shoulder, his stare... :evil:

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Pictures! The tattoos are amusing. Although it's the hair that made me laugh; it's long and they're having fun with it, I think. That and the tux with a dead thing on his shoulder. ;P It looks like he got married and then went hunting. (Yes, I am irreverent.) I quite like the Armani pics, especially the one w/ sunglasses.

And I hope he has a happy birthday and isn't worked too hard (although it's Sunday, so maybe their won't be any shows and he can relax and have a good dinner).

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