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  1. He looked annoyed to the guy in that interview
  2. Looks like Fran slap that guy on back of the head in that last pic
  3. I have a Brazilian friend who is Japanese descent and he told me that there are a lot of Japanese people in Brazil so maybe some part of his roots are Asian and other part Polish i believe... I may be wrong , maybe his sexy puffy eyes make him look Asian at times and we are all wrong???
  4. That is one sexy pic :hell yea!: Cooool, He'll be in Tokyo in few months!! :hell yea!:
  5. Happy birthday chico we love you!!! why is that happy birthday pic so blurry i wanna see him crisp & clear
  6. Nice pics from VT he sounds so playful in that interview here's an cute screen cap i took from made in Brazil
  7. Wowzers such sexy vanity pix!!! :drool: Solo it's a beer , breakfast of champions
  8. Wow nice body and great features , me likes
  9. Marlon has lots of variety for a model which is a really good :thumbsup:d feature.
  10. Nice zid! so cool he responded looks like he really does love his fans and down to earth, now try asking him a question in English.
  11. There is a resemblance on that second picture of Cesar Casier but other then that pic i don't see much resemblance
  12. He looks so different is that Marlon
  13. Yes i love the bear outfit he looks sweet To the question earlier cica yes his birthday is May13th
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