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Taylor Fuchs

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Got another


None of these are new, but if you click on the image, they take you to a bigger, cleaner version of I think *all* of these than I've seen before. Mostly the "carnival" pictures he did with a tall female model (don't know her name), and some rooftop pictures, plus the one of him in a leather jacket and cowl-neck sweater. Very pretty. :-)

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ooh nice, would have preferred if he was with a brunette, think it would added to the atsmosphere but shes still gorgeous!

Hee, yes. And I have to say, those images of the blue-ish suit look very ... 1970s. :-D At least they don't *appear* to be polyester. (I lived through the 70s and that's a decade whose clothes can DIE FOREVER, IMO.)

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Something I've noticed before: the boy sure does walk fast! Is that normal in male modeling? It seems like the women stroll more. Taylor looks as if he's going to put out a fire! LOL! But I haven't really watched many of these so I'm not sure whether the men are supposed to walk that way -- more ... aggressive?

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no you are right :) he does walk quite rushed, they are mainly told to look 'fierce'/confident (especially in the face) and look off into the distance..

although there are some individual walks out there!, oliver cheshire for example walks with his head slightly bowed at times i think its neat to see a little individuality

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I think these may be new?


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He has a nice lop-sided close-mouthed smile when he uses it. :-)

I'm not sure why, btw, but the board won't seem to allow me to post the actual image. :-(

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