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Taylor Fuchs

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ive wanted to see more of taylor from tim hamilton, thanks faget, thats great, hes stunning in that last one, a real showstopper


W-o-w! :drool:

Where is that from belgian? :heart:

He looks amazing... :blush:

Sorry, accidental double post... <_<

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ha ha no worries, ive done that before, then reposted something random just because of it. then thought man, should hve just left the post lol and its from Details Magazine March 2009, Editorial: Graphic Content,Photographer: David Armstrong. but hes only on that page because it has a different model on each page. he looks very angelic in it, the lightings handsome

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he's very handsome, does he ever take a bad pic?

now only if he would fix his teeth....

He is very gorgeous. :yes:

Nope, I've never really seen him take a bad picture. Even if he has it probabaly wasn't his fault... :shifty:

I think his teeth are perfectly fine, although that gap is distracting at times :shifty: , but it makes him even more unique. :sex:

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great pic govea :wave:

yah i love his teeth,its distinctive, gap teeth are supposed to be lucky too..seems to have worked for him and his success at being number one model lol.

and thats an interesting comment tigerlily, imho,i think out of all the models, taylor and ryan t, have never taken a bad picture. (though perhaps im a little biased because they are my favorites :whistle: :laugh: ) not because they are constant posers lol, but because of the symmetry of their face and the fact that they are so photogenic certainly does help :)

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