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You Choose.....

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you're crazy!!!

I'lll go with Michael...ewww


Having your deepest darkest secret uncovered by your mate?


Uncovering your mate's deepest darkest secret?


I think i'll go with the second one. And Mel, i think i know your darkest secret. YOU SLEPT WITH MICHEAL JACKSON ... :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

OK OK ....

Fall into bunch of cockroaches

or spiders ??? :ninja:

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the richest person in the world :p

and JOKER....i choose....eww i don't want to :p haha

being pregnant

having an STD


Why not ?? :persuazn: You gave us the worst situations and ran away ?? :persuazn:

I'll go with....with.... do we have plan B ??

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