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Found 3 results

  1. MikS aka Erevanski, Miko Erevanski is a Musical Artist & Record Producer from "Erevanski" Armenian Rap Band. Making Music since 2006. Worked with many known names like R-Mean, Migos, Wiz Khalifa, Scott Storch, Tory Lanes, Nas, Narek Mets Hayq and many more. MikS at The Eleven Studios MikS Miko Erevanski MikS (Musical Artist) MikS aka Miko Erevanski MikS has released 3 studio albums. 2 with his group Erevanski which are "Mi Ankam Amerikayum" "Hip Pop" and 1 solo album "MikStape" HIP POP ALBUM BY EREVANSKI EREVANSKI HIP POP (ALBUM 2009) EREVANSKI - MI ANKAM AMERIKAYUM (ALBUM 2007) MikS - MIKSTAPE (ALBUM 2019) MikS feat VNASAKAR - ANHNAR E (COLLABORATION SINGLE 2020) MIKS feat HAK - APPETIZER (COLLABORATION) MikS - VAY VAY (2019) MikS-VAY-VAY_2.mp4 MikS feat NAREK METS HAYQ - GISHERNER MikS MikS Miko Erevanski Miks & Hak 92 MikS Miko Erevanski MikS MikS ( The Eleven Studios) (SYTYCD) - SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE ERIC BELLINGER & MIKS DON BENJAMIN & MIKS JUICY J & MIKS CHRIS BROWN @ THE ELEVEN SSTUDIOS NU JERZEY DEVIL & MIKS (The Eleven Studios) Jason Derulo and MikS
  2. Gor Hakobyan is a musical artist, actor and TV Host. He is known for his role as Feliks "Felo" on Full House (Armenian TV series). He was also a broadcaster of AntiVirus (show). Gor Hakobyan was born on January 14, 1988, in the city of Kapan, at the age of 3, in 1991 he moved to Gyumri with his family. In 2004 he graduated from 37 secondary school in Gyumri. In 2010 he graduated from the acting department of Vanadzor branch of Yerevan State Institute of Theatre and Cinematography.In 2018 he founded Gor Hakobyan Music production recording studio. He is married and has three sons. In 2021, he released his music album called ''Inadu'' .It includes 13 songs.
  3. Armen Petrosyan is a member of the KVN team "New Armenians", a showman, producer, screenwriter and actor. To the viewer, the comedian is better known as Mench. With the KVN team "New Armenians", where he started his career, he spent seven years of his life. Then KVN for them was not a job, in those years there was enthusiasm and certain dreams that came true in the end. In addition to creative work, they created a friendly team and their friendship still lives today. Many of them remained in this field after the KVN, some here, some in Moscow, and some in America. For 8 years, he starred and produced an Armenian humorous series called Yere1, which was one of the longest-running humorous projects, for 10 consecutive seasons. And then for another 5 years and 9 seasons, he also starred and produced another project called Full House, which was much more successful than the previous one. In 2016, Moscow hosted the 55th anniversary of KVN.Where his KVN team "New Armenians" won the cup at the Club's 55th anniversary event, which turned out to be a competition.
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