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  1. It's called finding the right size of a bra, and or putting on a bra a size smaller, which makes your breast appear fuller. And if you follow her snap chat, she goes to boot camps a lot. So the thigh gap is because she's working out excessively. And since she's confirmed that her breasts are real, it's time to let this stupid rumor die.
  2. If a professional is doing it, and they are using the correct stuff, it's fine. But it's not completely blonde, it's like a lighter brown then that drastic dark hair. I like her blonde or brunette i'm not picky. And it's also her head so I have nothing to say about it.
  3. If you read or saw her IJ post before she deleted it, the company didn't want her to have dark hair. And they were angry about it and she ended up losing a job because of her hair.
  4. Do you mean with recent commercials? cause if so it's because she has other commitments. It doesn't necessarily mean she's not cooperating. She's like Doutzen, she won't be in every commercial. Plus they are moving Behati into Angel now and away from pink so that might be why. Plus recent catalog she's in it a lot.
  5. She's not naked, I can clearly see a bra strap, as well as the nude bra she's wearing. So more or likely she's not naked. Victoria's secret has been known to make it seem like their girls are nude. And more or less if you don't see a bra strap, they are wearing nude pasties over their breasts to give the "illusion" but the bag is covering her legs so you wouldn't be able to tell if she is wearing underwear, which I'm assuming she is. So yeah.
  6. Nah that doesn't suck, it just mean she has opportunities to do other things. And it's not like she's not getting work cause she's in a ton of catalogs.
  7. This is just what she told us on Facebook, she tried out and they said she was too young. Don't shoot the messenger.
  8. No she's not doing pink, she's only 16. And VS told her she was too young, so she's probably going to try out again in two years. That photo is actually bhs from a Delia's shoot.
  9. I don't believe the photos from the cotton undies campaign were used from that video. All the photos are behind the scenes photos from what I saw. http://candicefan.com/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=259 There is some of the photos, from the 2007 fashion show there.
  10. those aren't modeling photos, just ones she took at her house with one of the models who is in florida.
  11. I know you think her pictures are cute and everything, but I don't think it's okay to post her personal photos up, just because I've seen an array of fake fb photos pop up as of recent with all of the photos here. And she's technically still a minor so. I think it probably would be best to just stick with her modeling photos? I mean if she okays it then it's cool, but I don't know. just a thought.
  12. Hi Christina ! Is it okay if I add you? I just kind of made my facebook, since I'm more of a twitter person, but I've been bugged to get one so i have it. Suuuure. Aw, thanks! I just sent you a request!
  13. Hi Christina ! Is it okay if I add you? I just kind of made my facebook, since I'm more of a twitter person, but I've been bugged to get one so i have it.
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