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  1. I'm so scared they're gonna fuck up the makeup again
  2. Good morning from Europe, the day is finally here!!!
  3. Yeah, someone posted a candid of her w a fan out in Paris
  4. Ikr! I feel like SI Swimsuit are the ones that now hire the hot bombshells in the model industry. I hate that VS have started to hire HF models instead..
  5. Back when even the "mediocre" girls were drop dead gorgeous
  6. Totally agree.. After 2006 it's all gone downhill
  7. I dunno if this is a stupid idea, but wouldn't it be amazing if they did like a "Timeless" segment, where they brought the iconic angels like Gisele, Adriana, Alessandra, Doutzen, Miranda, Karolina, Iza, Naomi, hell, maybe even Heidi. That would be epic. I know it could overshadow the other models/segments, and probably cost a fortune but omg I would have died
  8. I knoow! You could literally see the glitter fly around when the girls were walking
  9. Couldn't agree more!! More glitter, more glitter!!
  10. Didn't Candice post something about Erin or vice versa on IG recently?
  11. I feel like since they were her former employer that was trash talk.. I dunno, I know it's not exactly a normal employer, but still.. How she's talked about how some of the other angels ditched her and all that I feel was more just whining
  12. And Erin trashtalked VS in a podcast a while back ago
  13. Irina is going to steal the show when she arrives. Kendull, Gigi and Bella are gonna look like wannabes next to tha queen
  14. Can't believe Kendull ruined her face right before the show like that...
  15. I really hope they do the smokey eyes and the big, voluminous hair that they used to do. I don't wanna see a natural look. If I want that I'll check out their IG's. I want the bombshell look
  16. Same..! I'm only really excited about Irina
  17. If they have a mystery girl who's gonna appear in the show the media will probably hype it up as soon as it leaks out after it's been taped for the few days it takes until it airs on CBS. So I don't think they would announce a mystery girl on the plane already
  18. There's gonna be a mystery girl? Are we sure that's not Candice? She looks AMAZING rn. I just have a feeling they're gonna do like they did with Heidi Klum in the 2009 show
  19. OMG, is she walking in the vsfs this year?!?! I'M DYING OVER HERE, SHE WILL F***ING KILL IT!
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