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  1. what bras are they wearing cause damn that cleavage
  2. Excited to see Adri, Ale and Irina with finished hair and makeup!
  3. Damn I really want to buy Max Factor products now
  4. Wish they used more eyeshadow. I hate when the liner looks so harsh
  5. Which brand of extensions are they using?
  6. Sara's hair looks incredible. Just hope it stays that way
  7. Whaat, but there was a bunch of red colors on the pic MaxFactor posted on IG?
  8. I never really liked Josephine, but damn, I've fallen on love with her the past couple of days. And the makeup makes me want to go out and buy Max Factor foundation and concealer, cause their skin makeup is on point!
  9. exactly! I actually like lip fillers when it's done nicely. Kendull does not look good at all. She looks like Kylie now
  10. Think I'm the only one who actually like Elsa's lips... lol don't shoot me
  11. Didn't they do this in 2012 too? They let the girls choose between side parting (and which side) or middle parting if I remember correctly
  12. Does someone have a list of ppl I should add on Snapchat real quick?
  13. Thanks Loving the photo/vid you've already posted!
  14. Btw, can someone answer me this before all the craziness starts Why did VS drop Barbara Palvin so suddenly? I thought she was supposed to be their next bigbig angel?
  15. Just type in your IG name First show is at 6pm and second at 9pm (correct me someone if im wrong)
  16. I know some people thought it was too much but I loooooved the look from 2005/2006 with the tan and the smokey eyes and the big BIIIIG hair. God I miss those days
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