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  1. Be careful! the pic above is probably real, but in any case she was underage when it was taken on a croatian nudist beach; she was born in 1983, the pic says 1999...
  2. Hello! Any news about the athletes in the magazine? tennis players or others? I've heard a rumour about Iveta Benesova, do you know something about?
  3. Happy Birthday and 5 stars for you ^_^

  4. Did she have a boobs reducing surgery?!?...it seems like this looking at her recently...especially in the new Rio abd San Paulo fashion weeks...too bad.
  5. Happy birthday :)

  6. ...so it means I can't make a move...
  7. I hope this isn't the wrong place for my question...who knows what does MEZATKA mean in Polish? Thanks in advance..have a G'DAY!
  8. Beautiful and sexy at the same time...this babe ROCKS!!!
  9. Hi all! Two beautiful girls have entered into my imaginary life...do you know who they are? Thanks in advance... Here are the pics
  10. Day after day, Maxim Afinogenov becomes my hero a little more...he is so luckyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!
  11. Many thanks for your tip, i've listened to few songs but she's not who I'm looking for...any other tip?
  12. I'm looking for a german female songwriter, voice and guitar kind of, with a song, listened to the radio in Germany last week, having a refrain something like this "du vertraust mich, ich vertraue dich". If anybody could help...I'd be very obliged!!!
  13. Thanks!!! SHE IS THE NUMBER 1!!!
  14. SHE NEEDS A COACH...a real one!!! Her game is not improving at all...she runs and runs and runs without any kind of ideas how to make the point. New players hit harder then her, opening all the angles, doing errors but also winners... I'm a big fan of her since US OPEN 2000, so I hope your right...THANKS FOR THE PICS...she's always the hottest!!!
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