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  1. www.freewebs.com/anacarolinarestonmemorial

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    Helen Svedin

    Helen is so beautiful! She may look dumb but she is far from it! Sorry if there are reposts by the time I got to posting I had forgotten which ones were already on here!
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    Thanks Nicole and Luno! I adore Guti, he is so underrated. Here is a picture of him and his wife and one of his wife.
  4. {name}

    Antonio Lindback

    Toninho is so great! I have only seen him ride once in the British GP. He makes me laugh - dying his hair blonde becuase Swedes are blonde, what was all that about? I like the fact that he hasn't forgotten his Brazilian roots even after what happened to him. I must admit I support the danes. Going to post Nikki P in this thread because it would make more sense to keep all the speedway riders together.
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    You're welcome Lolita
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    Eva González

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    Eva González

    Name: Eva González Nationality: Spanish Born: Sevilla Measurements: (US) 34.5-24.5-37 ; (EU) 87.5-62-94 Hair colour: Brown Eye colour: Brown She was Miss Spain 2003 She is currently dating Real Madrid and Spain goalkeeper Iker Casillas.