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  1. Just saw an IG edit with Behati in the Fantasy Bra and the caption said that their "sources" confirmed to them that the FB was made for Behati but she made a phone call with Ed and asked him to give it to Lais cause she (Behati) was pregnant. I just can't. Really.
  2. It would be so damn right if they give the cover to Lais, girl is everywhere and I think after the show her popularity will just keep growing; It would be awesome for both SI and Lais
  3. yeah, wish we could have a whole body picture, that outfit seems killer and her legs UURRGHHH wishes, wishes...
  4. Harper's Bazaar US, November 2017 Golden queen
  5. no one is comparing them, I was comparing the attention and buzz that both FBs had in their announcements. It happens that Jasmine wore last years FB, so there's no how to not mention her. She was wonderful, no one is talking about the angels, but the FB and the attention they received.
  6. the same happened to Adriana till 2007 when Gisele left and they needed another brazilian to replace her; Well, look at Adriana now Adriana didn't use to say a word in the VSFS and never got the hilight, not before Gisele left. Gisele's departure was the turning table for Adri.
  7. it looks so beautiful, i wish they still had their christmas and fantasies catalogue tho
  8. Fact: Jasmine FB annoucement got 371k likes on the VS Instagram post; for now, Lais annoucement already have more than 800k and it was leaked. She is in fact getting more attention, the press in Brazil is talking about her everywhere and people are really enjoying it so I hope VS makes juice of it and keep the light on Lais. Can't wait to see what's to come next and how her work will stay after this year's show.
  9. They add the bra for Lily because she needed a push-up cause she doesn't have boobs. Lais FB already have a tape, and it wouldn't fit (especially with the necklace) and make sense at all. They have already showed it in motion and in pics, there's no need for a bra under the FB now.
  10. Exactly; it's one of the things I don't like about the new FB's. When they were made in a actual bra it looked way more strong, and the models boobs always looked so great. Now it's only jewelry around boobs, and there's always the gap.
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