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  1. I think it is a mix of both shows.In the second show finale Lais wasn't wearing the "hat" and cape from her Ice Angels outfit, and I still haven't found any pic that shows her without it in the end of the runway... Just on the top
  2. Great pic, thank you guys for sharing! Btw, why there're no pictures of the second show finale?
  3. So, to me it was like this Boho: let's wait and see the show; I don't like the way the runway looks like by seeing the pictures Butterflies: some good outfits, some bad... And once again, they covered Lais' boobs... POAA: I like it; I think Ale should have been chosen for a better outfit but I like it! Jasmine looked good on her outfit too but I'm looking to see her walk; I saw a video and I kind didn't like it PINK: God damn PINK looks good! And surprise: Gigi Hadid! I was already spreading hate all over Twitter, Instagram and everything and CABOOM she was great in PINK! I really liked her energy! Ice Angels: winter theme never disappoints us <3 Candice, Lais and Elsa stood out from the others! They're just perfect!! Their outfits were some of the bests in the whole show! Fireworks: I just can't wait to see Adriana and Cindy! I'm even excited for Lily! I know her walk is awful and her look was terrible BUT I can't wait to see that runway going down with Abel I'm super excited to see the opening The Angels: The Oldest + Lais and Elsa were just perfect! The Angel factor really makes the difference! Lais was shining, and Elsa was just killing with her eyes. By the other hand, Martha was totally invisible! So were Stella, Jac, and Taylor a bit. Romee was okay to me That's it I think Oh, I forgot to say: I love Maria Borges, she was amazing in the show BUT she's such an attention seeker to me I mean, come on, taking selfies with Gigi like they're best friends?? the class picture in the Angels row? Come on, she's an African version of #BodyByIza This year was better than last year IMO
  4. Can't wait to see Lais' outfit in Exotic Butterflies!! Those wings <3
  5. Saras outfit from POAA/EB reminds me of Miranda's in Dangerous Liaisons
  6. Kendall almost fell on Boho Psychedelic WHY NOT GOD WHY NOT
  7. Watching the video Romee posted I think it's safe to say that she closed Ice Angels
  8. Candice and Lais walking in Ice Angels https://instagram.com/p/97AP1XzUhb/
  9. The picture Kate posted with Adriana looked a lot like her outfit was from POAA, so I really don't even know where she was
  10. Lais right after Candice in Ice Angel: -THIS- is an opening duo
  11. I told you those legs belonged to Lais!!!! She was in Ice Angels
  12. I'm afraid they'll put Lais on Ice Angels with the wings she wore to make the Holiday Commercial, which are the same wings Adriana wore in Snow Angels
  13. #bodybyiza doing the hair flip ladies https://instagram.com/p/96rtC3NYpW/
  14. OMG Jas looks amazing!!!! I want the 15 Angels on an epic picture in 3 minutes on my desk, Russel
  15. God bless Elsa and Lais the best newest Angels we could have ever asked for THANK GOD Edit: sorry, Internet problem (double 'post' button)
  16. God bless Elsa and Lais the best newest Angels we could have ever asked for THANK GOD
  17. It doesn't look fake to me hahahahahahahahahaha https://instagram.com/p/6BiNsfHjua/< real boobs
  18. Lais said her wings are BIG! And for those interested her boobs are size 34 C, and it's natural https://instagram.com/p/96h6jkQLnG/
  19. are the Angels using black lingerie under the robe and -all the other models- wearing pink lingerie? I feel happy
  20. no the black models are actually looking the most fresh right nowRight now but after a few hours I bet it won't look the same... Last year Lais' face in Exotic Traveler during the second show was so different nude lipstick doesn't work with black models IMO! 2013 was perfect for them (black models) tho
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