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  1. She had a baby? Well, or I try to find hints where they are not
  2. She chose for her son a girl's name? Or she gives birth a girl? I finally tangled
  3. She named the baby in honor parrot. That's funny. It is in the style of Candice. I do not like the name and its meaning. But it's her life.
  4. Candice's term of pregnancy less than Behati? I have a feeling that Candice give birth before Behati, and Candice's belly more on my mind.
  5. Snapchat
  6. I don't remember this photo of the topic. It was?
  7. She shooting for Elle China
  8. ^ bigger
  9. Bra just disgusting, I can not believe that the Victorias Secret created this. Maybe this is a bad joke? In any case, thank VS that this terrible bra is not for the goddess Candice. Congratulations to Lily and her fans. PS:sorry for my bad english