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  1. Have you had enough of winter yet? :flower: 

    1. Sunshiine


      Not that bad .. But I prefer winter over summer :p We've had a lot of -35 and 40 though. A bit unusual for us. How is your winter? :D

    2. Limerlight


      We had a week of -30 to 40, when I saw that Quebec was getting it I was stunned because of some of your population being closer to the water the humidity and those temps are deadly. Also read about that lady who got extreme frostbite after wearing open toed shoes to a nightclub and waiting outside for 45 minutes at -40 :wacko: 

      It hasn't been bad, not too much snow, a lot of chinook winds, we've had more days over 0 since I've ever seen us have in the 3 years I've been here roads are kinda slippy at times cause of it :/ But all in all fairly tame.

    3. Sunshiine


      Yeah I saw that it was colder here where I live than in Alberta and co. It was weird. Our humidiy is so bad. Sometimes it's -20 and it feels like -45. But for the past few days, it's over 0. It's raining too...  The snow is melting and it's becoming an ugly melting pot of water and snow. But It's not that bad! :happy: 

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