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  1. {name}

    Kate Beckinsale

    .. of course, no problem - my pleasure =]
  2. {name}

    Kate Beckinsale

    Tried to translate it but .. My English sucks - The grammar is horrible, so I hope that it's at least a little bit understandable xD "At first Kate went with Len to 'Van Helsing' Premiere ..." "... got much plaudit for her role as vampire chaser ..." "... and then married Len and had her honeymoon." One Bikini says more than thousand words How she nestles to him, how he bend forward to her, how their lips dearly touch! Here show us Kate Beckinsale and Len Wiseman the kiss of the week. The couple aviated after the premiere of Kates succesful Dracula-Film 'Van Helsing' to their honeymoon in St. Martin in the Carribean. In her leggage had breathtakingly beautiful Kate this bikini, which let's nobody doubt about who she belongs to: She sew the name 'Mrs. Wiseman' in. In her job she want to keep her maiden name Beckinsale. It's a pity. Wiseman is much easier to pronounce, Kate!
  3. {name}

    Adam Levine

    Yesterday evening the boys gave a concert in Germany at 'SWR 3 Hautnah - New Pop' in Baden-Baden. Unhappily I hadn't had the chance to be there .. damn x.x
  4. {name}

    I AM the Biggest fan

    Jeisa is great <3
  5. {name}

    Show us your desktop

    > my easter-desktop .. xD
  6. {name}

    Now Playing

    Kaiser Chiefs - Ruby
  7. {name}

    Hayden Christensen

    Christensen and Bilson? <_< Mh.. don't really know what to think about it >.> click click
  8. {name}

    Last movie you saw...

    "Paris Je T'aime" Just wonderful
  9. {name}

    > just want to say hello ..

    Wow.. yes, I think I will do And.. eww, yeah Gattaca is nice too.. his character was interesting <3 But he has to die.. +sigh+ He has to do in so many movies xD
  10. {name}

    > just want to say hello ..

    Hm.. until this moment I've only heard from Jeremy Dufour But visited the threads of the others and.. yes, nice Especcially Mr. Bamberg is very hot *_* And Mathias is danish.. aww, I love this country <3 I think I should take a little more time for looking around here, seems to be that here are a lot of interesting threads (x If there wouldn't be so much to do for school at the moment +sigh+ Yes.. Jude is really amazing I think.. I can't really choose my favourite film with him because .. I'm very in love with every one of his films. And with him of course, but.. okay, that doesn't matter xD "Cold Mountain" for example is very great - He and Nicole Kidman fit so perfectly together .. and the story is just too cute. Then he was excellent in "Oscar Wilde" and.. mwah, I think it's very difficult to decide xD "Closer" was another great film, even if I didn't liked his role in it too much and "I heart Huckabees" is just.. amazing
  11. {name}

    > just want to say hello ..

    > persuazn | I'm in your good books? Sounds very great And.. yes of course, I think Louis Prades is really hot and there's something special about Casey Taylor (x > Wild Rose | .. thank you
  12. {name}

    Now Playing

    > Lynird Skynird > Sweet Home Alabama
  13. {name}

    Sean Penn

    .. of course - no problem (x Fine if it suits to you
  14. {name}

    > just want to say hello ..

    Voted for Miss Soukupova - I think with prefering these three models you've definetly a fine taste and especcially between Hana and Tiiju it was a difficult decision, but I think I like her a litte more.. She's interesting <3
  15. {name}

    Orlando Bloom vs Jude Law

    Hm.. I think even if I wouldn't be so addicted to Jude Law I would vote for him <3 Bloom has - for me - a little bit too much of a milksop