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  1. Candids

    i looked all over the net for the HQs of that show with adriana and that guy....the ones in the link i posted....but i can't find them anywhere....at least we know they exist
  2. Candids

    no i meant the site in my post thank u lovely-adriana for translating that
  3. Candids

    theres some new candids of her on that website i posted if u scroll down, and hq versions of ones that have been posted, but when i click on them they dont open and i cant speak protuguese so i dont know whats up with it
  4. Candids

    don't think i've seen these on here does anyone know how to get these hq's, i really like them but i don't speak portuguese: http://www.fredpontes.com.br/Fotos.php?CodigoEvento=1976
  5. Candids