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  1. Naomi Campbell

    Wow !! thank you sooo much Ferrycoal
  2. Naomi Campbell

    Does anybody know where I could find a video of the making of Exult (Naomi's perfume). I once saw it on naomiblack swan a long time ago, but the website is down... Anybody help me find this video please ! thanks !
  3. Naomi Campbell

    here a few links to great interviews of naomi enjoy ! http://www.wildko.com/ViewVideo.aspx?id=2738 http://www.celebritywonder.com/vids/Naomi_..._a5H8P9iQA.html
  4. Naomi Campbell

    naomi was gorgeous as usual !! her hair looked perfect! but that gisele bundchen is really really ugly, she looks like a man haha
  5. Naomi Campbell

    Here you go and have a look on this great site: http://www.naomicampbell-blackswan.com/perfume-exult.html thank you soooo much ferry coal !!!! the pictures are beautiful !!!!!!!! thanx again
  6. Naomi Campbell

    does anybody have naomi's pictures from her photoshoot for her perfume exult please? her exult website is down so i can't see the pics . thanx
  7. Naomi Campbell

    she looks absolutely stunning in this dress
  8. Naomi Campbell

    thanks lolita!
  9. Naomi Campbell

    hello everyone! i'm new here! i just wanted to say that all of your pics are GORGEOUS and so is naomi! by the way, does anybody on this forum has a video for Naomi Campbell La l├ęgende des tops models? i saw some extracts of it but i never saw the whole video! if anyone has it, please let me know!