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  1. 17 minutes ago, VSfan88 said:

    Ed and Monica have done some bad decisions for the brand in the past years (Ed even admitted to that in the "infamous" vogue interview) but this is probably the first time in years that I want both of them to stay. Ed expressed his opinion straight forward and we sadly live in a generation full of entitled pussies who can't deal with the word "no". His age shouldn't be blamed for refusing to succumb to this PC mess (under PC standards you are agephobic haha). A new mentality is not automatically a better mentality. A new CEO will come with the high risk of VS becoming a PC brand as well. People always say they will stop following VS once Adriana is gone. I will stop following VS when it becomes PC. *Looking at you Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue*

    I am not following Sports Illustrated at all, so can you tell me what exactly happened to them?

  2. 3 hours ago, nartneit said:

    Where did she say that? I’m so mad they covered up Candice. 

    Sofia responded on instagram in a comment section to someone that Candice chose that outfit for herself, she had almost any pick from Golden Girls and she wanted that one. 

  3. Sofia said that Candice picked out that t-shirt outfit herself, but others are not believing her and accusing her of lying to save her face. 

    What do you think did Candice really choose the outfit or they gave it to her without asking for her opinion. 

  4. 40 minutes ago, Freak said:

    I can totally remember a few months ago one of her photos was the first time VS got 1 million likes. And now is the second woww (although the comments are not positive, most of the are critics of her body and the brand) 

    In all photos posted: Jasmine's, Behati's, Romee's there are comments like that, Ed made a mess with his comment so they are literally having discussions about skinny vs plus size models, and trans women under photos posted on VS insta.

  5. Ed's comments about plus size and trans women caused major drama. Wherever you go twitter, news sites, insta etc most people are trashing him and VS, some are defending etc.

    The comment section on Victoria Secret instagram turned into a battlefield, some heavy conversation is happening there.  

  6. 1 hour ago, Mary17 said:

    Is this a thank you or a goodbye?

    I think it is goodbye, other angels also posted tributes/thanks but hers is different if you see in the comments sections others are thinking that this is the sign she is leaving. Let's be real Behati wouldn't dare to announce now that she is leaving VS, who would? She would get zero attention and it is kinda dumb to do it at the same time when another angel is leaving.

  7. The only pet peeve I have about her is that she is not good lately with instagram game. For example, last year when she announced that she will come back for the show she barely posted any photo from previous shows and she has so many iconic ones. She should've posted Fantasy bra one, Circus one, 2 beauty shots from backstage and at least one of those iconic almost naked shots she always did with Russel backstage.


    I hope that she will at least wise up now and post good photos, she has so many from this show. But at least post those 2 beauty shots from Charlotte Tilbury insta, they have the most likes there, the best she ever looked and one full body shot from the front of the black outfit and one from the back/side. I mean she can post whatever she wants but even with her t-shirt post, she has the potential to get a million likes, imagine with other ones.

  8. I think it is going to be very weird for other angels to announce they are leaving now that Adriana is. They have to wait for the perfect moment, to get at least some attention from it, and I think every angel who is leaving will announce that after the show airs. VS has more than enough publicity with Adri leaving, so it is pointless that they milk other's departure too.

    I am 100% sure that Lily and Behati are leaving this year, and that they are already not angels, and I have suspicions about Sara and Stella.

  9. 2 hours ago, almanaotemcor said:

    Behati seems pregnant or is it just my idea?

    Not just yours, people are speculating that she and Lais are pregnant. 

    Looking at photos from previous weeks I don't think that Lais is pregnant, but Behati was so much thinner 1 month ago, she suddenly gained weight, so maybe it's a pregnancy after all and the rumors are that Adam is desperate for a golden penis aka a boy.

  10. 11 minutes ago, Corner said:

    Yep, if she’s picked that outfit herself, then it’s because she’s trying to keep her chest to torso area covered. Has her body changed that much?

    it hasn't, I would say it looks even better because she now has huge boobs. Her other outfit is revealing, so if she was trying to cover up her body she would request that other too to be covered, so it doesn't make sense. I think that she just really liked the outfit, she is posting it everywhere and seems thrilled with it. 

  11. We discussed models getting botox/fillers but nobody talked here about obvious one who got lip and cheek fillers and botox- Behati. Everybody is talking about it on insta and daily mail, she is so bloated, I think she did it recently and didn't set, lip fillers are beyond obvious too.

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