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  1. I aggree. Would love to see what kind of outtakes David Bellemere has from her Lui photoshoot
  2. I love how enthusiastic her answer was to the "would you kiss on the first date" question.
  3. The photographers from the Love or Lui shoots may have uncensored pictures where her pussy is visible, but it's unlikely they will ever release them.
  4. Well, it's not exactly private and only for her boyfriend if most of the photographers she works with get to see her naked in person and keep uncensored versions of the pictures. And with how much she posed in Lui and Maxim, I doubt just having her nipples covered would make much of a difference to a bf if just about everything else is shown.
  5. Eh, she was pretty close to being nude in Lui. There really wasn't that much left to the imagination. It's kinda silly imo. Like if you're going to expose 99.5%, might as well show the other 5% too
  6. There's still no proof that convo is real. It wouldn't have been that hard to fake. And it doesn't really sound like her. Surely she's smart enough to know asking people to delete it won't make a difference. But if it is real, does this mean there are potentially pictures where even her pussy is visible that just haven't been published and are sitting on different photographers' hardrives?
  7. I still don’t see the point of her actually being fully topless on set if she never intended for her boobs to be shown. Like hypothetically if they had put a black rectangle over her chest,like they supposedly planned to. she could have worn pasties or a skin colored bra and we wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference. So if they were going to blur out that top portion why didn’t she just wear pasties like she did for the Bellemere shoot? If the picture is going to be altered so it is an implied nudity picture then actual nudity on set doesn't seem necessary to me. And I don’t see why she's so hesitant to have topless pics shown, it’s not like there was really that much left to the imagination anyways also she doesn't seem that shy if she's comfortable exposing her naked body on set to a bunch of people and letting them have uncensored pictures and videos of her.
  8. So I guess it's safe to assume we won't be seeing any behind the scenes videos for this photoshoot...
  9. So far all we've seen is one screen shot of a conversation that could have easily been photoshoped. It really doesn't make sense. They plan these shoot out in advance and in most pictures where the model doesn't want her breasts exposed they will actually make some attempt to cover them DURING the shoot either with their hands, nipple pasties or a nude bra. If their initial plan was really to just place a big black bar access her chest then there wouldn't have been any reason for her to have her breasts out during the shoot at all. Unless she just really wanted the photographer to see them for some reason.
  10. Lol, there is no way I am going to delete it. As I said, if it was her plan from the beginning to have her breasts censored with a black bar, there is no reason why she would have had them exposed on set during the photoshoot. She would have worn pasties or a skin colored bra like she has done in every other picture where she didn't want her breasts to be seen. Furthermore, anyome who believe this picture will go away at this point is delusional.
  11. If the plan from the beggining was to cencor her nipples, then why did she have to have them exposed in the first place? If she didn't want them seen wouldn't she have been wearing pasties during the shoot?
  12. That doesn't even make sense. I mean, she must have known her boobs were exposed when she was posing for that picture. ?
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