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  1. Love all the recent pics. Sporting that unique smile of her's in nearly every one.
  2. I love the expression in the last pic - she just can't help but smile! And I gotta say, I get bored with the "I feel dead inside" or "How much longer is this going to take?" looks I see in most runway shows. The smile is d%&med refreshing.
  3. This is old but I just came across it while searching for something else. It's a short interview with Golf Magazine in late 2006 entitled "How to Marry a Bikini Model". Tori's answers are hilarious. By Lisa Taddeo Associate Editor, GOLF Magazine Published: December 01, 2006 HOW TO MARRY A BIKINI MODEL Before Elin was Tiger's wife, the ex-nanny was a bikini model. We asked Victoria's Secret's Tori Praver for tips on landing a bombshell. Approaching a model would be the scariest part, so rate these pickup lines on a scale of 1-10, from cheesy to charming. "Are you from Tennessee, because you're the only 10 I see." Oh, man. That's a 1. "Your hair and my pillow are perfectly color coordinated." [Laughs.] I'll give it a 2. "Is your father a mechanic, because you've got one finely tuned body?" Minus-12! Here's one I just heard: "Your legs must be tired because you've been running through my mind all night." Cheesy lines do not work. They're fake. Girls want a guy who's real and genuine. When approaching a beautiful woman, a simple, confident "Hi" is fine. That's all it takes? It helps to set yourself apart. Models are used to hearing, "You're so beautiful." So be creative. Say, if you're in a bar and you see a gorgeous girl, you could write out tic-tactoe lines on a napkin, write an "X" and "It's your move," and have a waitress send it over. That would get a girl's attention because it's playful and unusual. http://www.golf.com/golf/tours_news/articl...78393-4,00.html
  4. Thanks VH! And I just went back and looked. I saw "Purple Rain" on the screen but failed to notice "So Lonely". Love that one.
  5. Hey pinor, welcome to Bellazon!
  6. Wow, those are so different from anything else I've seen her do. I could still tell it was her, but very different.
  7. Great, thanks Pinky! I'll got update that right now.
  8. Is Tori still being represented by Ford? I just checked in on her wikipedia page and thought I might need to update that portion. It seems like I saw that she wasn't with them anymore, but I can't remember where.
  9. Here's some screens from the SI video. Apologies, in advance, to Tori for inclusion of the second shot.
  10. I might be able to make some from the videos online, but I don't have a way to make them from the TV show (they're doing one this year aren't they?). It'll likely be tomorrow before I could do the online ones, so if you'd like to post some Pinky, that'd be great! And thank you for offering!
  11. Lance, don't forget Cormac! I just started reading most of those guys and girls last year and have been hooked ever since. Think it was Updike's "A&P", which I found in an old college Lit book, that started me on the, erm, Road. I knew I was keeping a couple of those textbooks for good reason. I did the Graceland paper for a Geography of TN class. For some reason, the prof decided the research project would focus on tourism/tourist traps. Go figure. I knew some Elvis tunes and could decently hum the melody if they came on the radio, but I didn't go out of my way to buy a CD. After the research, though, I had a lot more respect for the guy. Kind of the "walk a mile in another man's shoes" type of thing. And with some of those research practicums, you felt like you were walking well more than a mile. And good Lord, look at these SI shots. Thanks for posting them, Minus. Did you say they were going to announce the cover-person Wednesday as opposed to yesterday (Monday), SnL? Edit, several hours later: OK, after having a look at all of them I believe these are my favorites: This one is my favorite of the lot. It shows her body in tip-top shape. You can tell she's a surfer: her legs are muscular, yet feminine. And the expression, just that hint of a smile. Classic. On this one, it's the eyes. I believe you could justifiably take a day off work to gaze into them. Seriously. Probably the most provocative Tori shot I've seen. The face and expression are ... ...
  12. Thanks for the update SnL. I wasn't good at easter egg hunts as a kid and I would probably still suck at them if I participated. So, I gonna just rely on you as my Tori info go-to . Tori's SI appearance in Memphis was what first brought her to my attention; I'm about an hour's drive away and did one of my final college papers on tourism at Graceland. I'd like to think she deserves the cover but I'm biased and don't know much of anything about the other people who've appeared in SI over the last couple of years, ie. the competition. I was a big fan when Laetitia and Heidi and nearly the full VS roster were modeling for both, but lately I pay more attention to the VS crowd, save for Tori. Are the screen caps Joe posted from an SI preview? To me, one of the coolest things about Tori is there is a certain sense of familiarity to her looks, but then they are radically different at the same time. Kinda like if someone took a fairy tale and completely disarranged it and added new scenes. Does that make sense? $%ck it, I'm going with it Look at me, I just realized I was heading into novel territory. Where's my Knopf contract? I'm ready for the big leagues.
  13. So the one claiming to be "official" is actually an impostor as well? Geez, it's getting so you can't trust anything you read on the internet anymore. :evil: I'm not really looking for personal pictures, to me, that's what they are, personal. I just wondered if she had any photo shoot outtakes, things like that. Also, what's up with toripraver.com? It had a flash opening and everything the last I looked, but it's currently "under construction".
  14. Have any of you guys signed up at Tori's official myspace? You have to be on her friend's list to view the photos. I wondered if she posted any there you can't see anywhere else.
  15. Actually, I like the longer posts, lots of meat. I'm just not good at writing them....goes against my minimalist principles... :evil:
  16. I'm going to proclaim myself the Raymond Carver of Tori fans. SnL and Lance, who wants to be Faulkner?
  17. She looks like a '40s pin-up girl in the 3rd Miss Triumph pic! Great find!
  18. She's looks amazing in all of these
  19. Yamamay is probably my favorite Tori shoot overall (though I really like SI '07 since was shot near my hometown). I see no reason why she shouldn't be with VS.
  20. Well, not to move things along unnecessarily... Here's my fav Tori lingerie/leg shot in sort-of HQ:
  21. She does have a nice set of stems. Now could we have some lingerie shots to show them off further?? :evil: darkthrone (doing his small part to reach page 60 ) and to use as many faces as he has sentences. :evil:
  22. These are all great, what magazine/catalog did they come from, again?
  23. Those are badass! Isn't it time for a VS contract?
  24. Great, thank you again! I'll check it out. I've really liked that picture ever since it came in the VS email.
  25. Great, thank you! I'll see what I can do with it. Do you happen to know which catalog it's from (date or season)?
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