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  1. Bianca for Victoria's secret in the new spring 2006 preview catalogue
  2. please do not post images side by side equalling more than 600 pixels
  3. All I know is that she's from Romania and that she opened Versace spring 2006! I searched for a thread on her and didn't find one NUDITY! NUDITY 2 NUDITY 3
  4. Anja for victoria's secret
  5. cat

    Body Implants

    I dont think it really has much to do about vanity, except for maybe people who get a living out of what they look like. i mean of course there are exceptions, but i just think it has to do with self esteem and bettering one's view on his/herself. i used to be against it, until i began realizing how peoples' lives can change, how their self esteem changes, there are people who really do get affected by the physical details they dislike in their faces and bodies, and perhaps undergoing a plastic surgery barely does change that person, but the security and self esteem boost comes instantly, and i think that's really important. and i'm not referring to people who have had everysingle facial feature of theirs changed.
  6. cat


    angie, could you please post your avatar? where is it from?
  7. New from Victoria's Secret!
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