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  1. Good news: SI Swimsuit 2020 will be published 21-07-2020.
  2. Short question, do you know guys when SI 2020 will be publish? First days of May? Thanks for response.
  3. @jkjk and @thetopmodelfan thank You very much
  4. I'm looking for names of these models from TEZENIS SHOW 2018. Thanks for advice of any help. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
  5. I'm looking for name of this girl from passionata lingerie show 2010 in Paris. Her name is Cindy, but i would like to know her last name. Maybe somebody with eagle eye recognise her. Thank you very much for suggestions
  6. @kimflorida thank You for very fast aswear. Her pictures from IG totally don't represent her look, but it's only my opinion. I will never recognise her there.
  7. Anybody know who is that perfect girl? Thanks in advice
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