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  1. George Clooney, because, as Jon Stewart put it, he could bone any supermodel in the world if he wanted to.
  2. Myth. Apple makes several different two-button mouses. It might even be the standard now, not sure. Here's why you should buy a Mac, friends. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KfFesb4kYUk
  3. I just installed the "Preview"/Beta version. I dig. Is anyone else using it yet?
  4. Monkey

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    Led Zeppelin, "Since I've Been Loving You," 6-11-77
  5. Yaaaaaay! New Supreme Court cases have just arrived in my inbox!
  6. I see nudity in thumbnails fairly often even in new posts. I'd consider reporting it, but OS will spank me.
  7. Very nice scans, thanks. I don't know if you ever got my PM -- so, can you repost those zips of bigassscans? I understand if you don't feel like it, just wondering.
  8. Megaupload seriously blows.
  9. Is it true that I can only change my name once, or can it be changed to Monk?
  10. Monkey

    Lindsay Lohan

    Well, it looks like she's got a little meat on her bones again. Hey, her tits grew back.
  11. Monkey

    Julie Gonzalo

    Is that really how she writes her name, I wonder ... ?
  12. I've used a variety of different ones, but the only one I use or even keep is FoxyTunes. "DownThemAll" and "FlashGot" are nice for mass picture downloading, but they're kind of unwieldy. Safari is very nice because it's so darn fast, but the fact that gmail doesn't support it is a huge turn-off.
  13. Someone on the Led Zeppelin message board I use put it well when he said, "Pharrell is just a poser, selling music to buy more Bentleys."
  14. Me = GreedyGrandpa. Member #898. oh I see...why the name change? if I could change my name it'd only be for Monkey as well In hindsight I wish I'd changed it to Monk. Oh well...
  15. James = Capt, no? Didn't ed have one of those "I'd go gay for Capt Snow!" gifs in his sig back when they were popular around here?
  16. They're very hot, but unfortunately Playboy is banned on this forum, unless something has developed without my knowledge. Perhaps the ban only applies to Playboy nudes? Not to resurrect an old debate -- I wasn't involved anyway -- but I fail to see a logical difference between seeing a nipple in Playboy and seeing a "high-fashion" model's nipple on the runway. Of course, there is a profound difference in the nature and purpose of the two different types of pictures, but still, it seems an unwieldy standard to me. Having a "no crotch pics" rule might be better in terms of consistency, but on the other hand, it would really suck if this site became another medium for porn trade, so I guess the rule is good.
  17. Speaking of the VS Fashion show, I'm currently in the process of downloading a 5.34 gig HDTV version of the 2005 show. It's incredibly slow though...
  18. 10 PM? Was it that late last time around? FCC censorship, no doubt.
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