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  1. They didn't have a press or announcement but 4 new angel kinnda confirmed it.
  2. I hope a Grace will opening the show this year. All new angel have good walk.But Barbara,Alixina and Leomie are too extra in last show.
  3. I think Grace's payment are different than other. She already has estee lauder contract. it soon she will enter Forbes top earning.
  4. Grace can be count for opening slot this year. VS pushed her from beginnings.
  5. I think Grace is the last new angel who got announcement. 4 news angel replace Adriana,Lily,Behati,Candice.
  6. I think sui he and ming xi are still chinese spokesperson.
  7. I guess Grace's angel contract was fell out. Noway she agreed to get same salary like other new angel. She is becoming a american next super model
  8. I think Behati is definitely out. Not sure about Candice. Lais might be gone this year. She seem over it.
  9. Vs need prepape for Candice departure. I actually see some new angel will leave or drop after Candice as well. Behati Washington already leaving.I don't know if she walk this year. Taylor ,Grace, Aiden are pretty young. They can do swim, lingerie, and pink line.
  10. Aiden and Grace are best new VS model right nows. Grace opened segment 3 times. I hope she or Jasmin will open 2019 show. Sofie Rovenstine have great for VS too.
  11. I remembered some user said Behati walked one more Vs show to finish her contract. I'm not sure.
  12. I think Behati and Candice will leave this year. Behati don't shoot for VS almost 3 year. Candice are doing well with her swim brand.She is focusing in this brand more . And VS seem don't have a good deal to keep them. Grace ,Taylor , Barbara , Jasmine are the one who can present VS well.
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