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  1. So georgia just said that was section especial for adriana and when adriana walked the flight, she is alone she opened e closed alone, even the light was diferent so om thinking it wasting flight was a special mkmwnt for her and then started flight and martha openned
  2. Favorite outfit and segment
  3. some edited videos to the show taylor needed more energy as much i hate saying that bella e gigi was amazig and THANK YOU ADRIANA AAAAAAAAA CRYING AGAIN halsey just come in after adriana is out?
  4. Lais Celestial fit was the best outfit for me celestial and glam was the best segment downtown i didnt unserstand and mary a freak show
  5. This year every year someone has nothing
  6. IF Romee closed golden lais opened celestial
  7. That wings back there is the exactly one that is after sara so she had nothing this year
  8. Sara didint open celestial we can see sui when shes leaving and sui is one of the last ones so lais ou romee
  9. Heres behati she closed glam
  10. So now the only missing is celestial who open lais, romee or sara?
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