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  1. So excited for this show, officially 10 years after the amazing 2005 show! Now that it's unrealistic to hope for girls like Poly, Erin H, Cintia D, Nadine L etc, I'm mainly rooting for Taylor Hill and Stella Mawxell. I find Taylor extremely beautiful - she immediately catches my eye in every photo and makes every other girl look washed out. While Taylor is my favourite, Stella is really growing on me. She reminds me of an edgier Barbara Palin except she's got this beachy, chill vibe to her. Other than these 2 girls, I'm also excited to see Behati & Candice, mainly because we're from the same part of the world and it's always been strange/surreal/amazing seeing south african models in such an international event. I want to see more of Devon Windsor, she's was stunning last year although her walk is a little on the boring side. Would be nice to see Eniko again. I feel as though Romee doesn't fit the Angels. Jasmine is absolutely gorgeous and they should pick her over Lais because they often look similar. The Fantasy Bra should've gone to Doutzen. A pity that moment never happened because Doutzen always stood out. Adriana and Alessandra had it last year so I highly doubt either of them will get it this year. Seems as though it's going to go to Behati. Or maybe Lily or Candice again. In a dream world they'd give it to Taylor Hill!
  2. I'm sorry, but Elsa's pose in Fairy tale had some serious attention whore vibes. Sara's PINK pose was fine until she turned and put her hands in the air...ugh. Sigrid was a huge improvement this year. Especially in Angel Ball! I hope Romee and Daniela don't come back next year. Romee is dangerously thin and Daniela is boring as hell. Usually Constance bores me but she did very well this year. I also liked Irina a lot.
  3. From what I can see Behati pulled off opening. Candice is looking bigger than usual, her body seems less toned. Karlie's gold outfit is gross and she didn't walk as well as she could've. IMO the best improvement of ALL girls is Lily Aldridge! I don't get those wings of hers in Dream girls but wow she is looking so hot and her walk is so much better.
  4. OMG this show is a mess! Magda made such an awkward mistake with her cape thing in Dream girls. That finale was tragic. Bumping into each other and stuff. Not too happy this year..
  5. Welcome, Tiger Lilium! I'm so excited! The stage/runway this year looks so great! I think they are doing something new which is very cool.
  6. I am superrrrr curious about Natasha. She seems like a total diva, though. The show needs a DIVA!
  7. It's 6:42am in London! (8:42am in my country) so the models are probably all up already, doing workouts and breakfasts. And then into hair and make up for the whole day? Excited now! The day we've all been waiting for!
  8. Was there no PR event of the arrival? They're probably all jet lagged and tired. Then again they are models, that's their life. Behati is looking not so great. She should stop smoking so much and put more effort in...
  9. Hahah I think there will be a part of the show about all of this TrainLikeAnAngel stuff... and if Izabel is in that section then she'll definitely bring up her BodyByIza crap LOL.
  10. Romee posted this on Instagram... Seriously, Taylor is easily one of the most beautiful girls that are debuting this year.
  11. Omg I just went thru Taylor Hill's instagram. There's something extremely special about her. She's gorgeous. What a beautiful girl!
  12. So there's going to be a plane event with all the girls? Did Romee say that somewhere?
  13. Oh dear. They've labelled that picture of Miranda Kerr and Heather Marks from 2006 as "Miranda Kerr and Lindsay Ellingson"... .....Lindsay's first show was 07.
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