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  1. so take him, Matt is more in my type
  2. yes, they are very hot and Matt is also model
  3. my favourite photos of Chad Chad with his boyfriend and photo from some photoshoot
  4. Leandro Becker, born in 1979 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, is a Brazilian actor and model. Prior to becoming an actor/model, Leandro worked as an electrician and a barman.
  5. hot I wish I could be his guitar :evil:
  6. ok, he's not gay, I knew it <_< but you didn't answer for second part of my question, do you know any gay male model?
  7. thanks for video and photos
  8. Raphael Verga is a brazilian 'supermodel'. Born July 21st, 1981, in Florianópolis, capital of Santa Catarina state, his modeling career has taken off with campaigns such as 2ixst and Sean John. In 2005 he was named Brazilian male model of the year. He also finished #2 in the world in the 'most beautiful man' 2005 contest, behind American actor Chris Evans. Verga has also been an inspiration for audiences, both male and female, gay and straight. Verga is openly bisexual, and has had relationships with both men and women.He also has a huge following in the gay community, especially since he worked with some popular, openly gay photographers and for taking many homoerotic pictures.
  9. first,which eugen is gay? second, I think that he is not a gay third, I think that the rumour that every male model is gay or bi is untrue, I don't know any gay model, do you?
  10. somebody know where can I find more photos of Jamie? somebody have photos of jamie with Keira?
  11. hot Thanks for the pics
  12. persuazn> yes,she is. Sorry I've just read whole topic but someone said that they broke up mareandolaola>more.. give more photos...
  13. thanks Has Evandro got a girlfriend?
  14. So persuazn what is the full address of this page?
  15. Could you give me full address?
  16. hi everyone I've just watched this topic, great photos Evandro is really hot I wondered from where ypu have all this photos? Have you some new photos of him? (sorry for my english I'm from Poland)
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