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  1. People... that's... without a shadow of a doubt... EMILY OR NOT???? JAJAJAJA
  2. Perfection Bellemere has been shooting the most perfect women in the world nude for a couple of years now... i keep expecting him to release a book... whats going on?
  3. yeah, it always looks like they shoot it in the regular way and then they point the camera at a bad tv screen and THATS what we get. morons
  4. Tell me about it http://omg-notmeatall.tumblr.com/post/133953359028/so-basically-these-3-have-the-best-breasts-in-the
  5. I love Candice. Shes my FAV of all time. But why is she stretching her torso that way in every picture? Makes her look weird. Her body is SO perfect as is. Ive noticed the older models doing the same but Candy hadnt done it before this show. just an observation.
  6. does anybody follow Alexis and Jay on SNAPCHAT? i cant for work reasons... but i hear the pics they upload are pretty steamy. To the point where Alexis was deleting some today. Can anybody PM me or post said pics? The curiosity i skilling me!!!
  7. SLIGHTLY different in terms of color when compared to the instagram deleted one
  8. that actually made me laugh pretty hard thanks for catching the pic... it would've been a shame to miss it
  9. i honestly cant figure out which FB profile is REALLY HERS... could anyone link me?
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