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  1. Daniela - 5.5 Devon wings - 9 look - 7
  2. Candice wings - 6 outfit - 7 Cindy 7 The thing across her stomach looks weird.
  3. I don’t think they would. I doubt Bella would want to unless she wanted to slow down on other jobs.
  4. I can see the Gizele/Ming moment being shown on tv, maybe not the fall itself, but some part of it. Outfits are hit or miss. Thanks all for posting images! And finally after skimming a great many pages I am hoping to get a new embedded forum ad to load! This one was very popular.
  5. She may as well be so she and Behati can have another pair of kids born close to the same time.
  6. It’s what 11am? I guess it really does take forever to get 55 girls through hair and makeup and dressed. I would hate to be the 1st one done if no one cares to get in a photo op with ya. Thanks for doing the dirty work, friends. Also thanks for the separate threads, it makes life easier!
  7. For those of you in China and surrounding countries, how excited is the general Asian market about VS as far as fans go? I don’t remember much about the store opening in Shanghai, but will the crowds come en mass?
  8. The show has a lot of potential this year. I say it every year, but please let the editing gods be kind! Has anyone seen any commercials stateside promoting the show yet? It was always about a week before when I’d start seeing the join us for the “biggest night in fashion” etc..
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