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  1. They did at least mention it once or twice in the broadcast that she was leaving. I saw on the website that they put she walked 17 of the last 22 shows. Pretty much all anyone could have really expected.
  2. To her fans, not necessarily the brand. Viewers = more potential buyers
  3. He was the biggest name to draw people in. Someone mentioned it already a couple of pages ago, but moving him to the end keeps the viewers who love him.
  4. I just realized Barbara’s wings in the goddess section were a swan
  5. As far as BALMAIN goes, that’s all I’ve seen promoted on social media
  6. Every year I’m so surprised how fast the hour goes.
  7. Very few of the newer girls impressed me too much. I blame the editing and the music.
  8. I like Stella too, especially since she has such a different vibe & personality than the rest.
  9. Elsa’s outfit looked really good in motion
  10. Surprisingly pink wasn’t horrible. I actually like the runway, it’s a little messy for editing, but it’s different. Someone needs to start a new runway trend. Kisses and air hearts are sooo old. You got my heart beating like a what?
  11. I like the winter backdrop. Sara looks sweet. Outfits are definitely hit or miss, the big multi balls on Liu are terrible! That commercial was beautiful with actual Colorado shots, but an odd song choice.
  12. Honestly they should be able to cgi people in the audience these days. Josephine seems to be a focus so far.
  13. Too much going on, you definitely don’t see most of the outfits long enough.
  14. Don’t think there were any last year either
  15. Behati is also credited on the directv blurb and only the vets + Elsa are listed. It’s a little sad they didn’t credit the other performers in the promo spot.
  16. I haven’t watched the leaked videos yet, but did they do opening credits this year?
  17. Jasmine wings 9 overall 9 Josephine wings 4 overall 5
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