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  1. It's been a long time we haven't seen Charlotte (maybe more than 1 year ?). I think it's her 3rd cover in total, if I can remember well.
  2. Sanja, don't you think she really look like you ? This is the first impression I got when I opened it haha
  3. Happy New year Enrico, and all of you. And thank you for all the model ID of Femme Actuelle you are posting here.
  4. Hello Sanja, Actually since two weeks, there is only one picture in the fashion editorial. It's not about the pdf. I have the paper version and its same. I hope they won't continue like this...
  5. Totally Agree with you, one of the best of the year. They should come back more often with close faces covers, like it used to be before. I really like it. Even if they make a lot of beautiful full body's covers nowadays as well.
  6. Wow I wouldn't recognize her from her cover, 2 weeks ago. Very nice cover tho, just got my copy yesterday.
  7. Lol! Looks strange, but must be delicious I guess !
  8. Fairy who whisper in your ears haha. And what about the real fact ? You work for them ? And... You seems to know many things about french actresses, singers.... Are you french ? If not, I wonder how much time you might spend looking for all those information.
  9. How can you have all these names ?? Lol I really love Femme Actuelle, almost buy it every week.
  10. She is Cilou Annys, Miss Belgium 2010. She is also on that cover (27th July 2015):
  11. Wow ! Your last two post are amazing ! haha
  12. Femme Actuelle 1607, 13th July 2015 Model: Gabriela Dallagnol (Brazil)
  13. I have a lot of Femme Actuelle at home, but can't find that much Editorials with Nevena. Seems like she shot more for covers.
  14. Top Santé, #286, July 2014
  15. Maxi Magazine, France, 23 July 2012
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