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  1. We've got most of them posted from Gorsuch but always want to look again!!
  2. Sorry if these are reposts.....I just love her
  3. a couple more net-a-porter Good Lord! Does Tori have some gorgeous legs or what??? AND, I love the white jumpsuit and the blue shirt she's wearing with the green bikini bottom. Yes, M'am, I think I need 'em!!! Gotta' have 'em! Must get 'em!
  4. Tori is up against gorgeous Christy Turlington BUT go V-O-T-E!!!!! Nobody from this forum ever gets involved <_< in the Babe Polls so now's the time to start!!! GO! RUN!!!
  5. Alessandra Ambrosio 8 Valentina Zelyaeva 7 Olga Kurylenko 12 Leticia Zuloaga 10 Charlotte Free
  6. Those are cute and funny! Thanx! where did u find those? Danny's page again? haha
  7. We all know Tori Praver from her walks down the runway and appearances in Sports Illustrated swimsuit issues, but she's not just a model! No siree! She has her own line of sexy swimsuits, too! The busy gal took a break to fill out our questionnaire of important questions! Nickname: Toe-Toe, Age: 24, Birthplace: San Diego, California, Current Abode: New York Hours you sleep: "I try to get at least 8 every night. I'm a grump if I get less than that." Hours you'd like to sleep: "10 would be amazing!" Street of choice: "Elizabeth Street in NY" Foreign word: Aloha Drink: "I'm torn between my morning coffee and red wine." Airline: "Cathay Pacific is awesome for the long haul." Body part: "My lips – they’re full and have a natural red color. I never need lipstick." Show tune: "If referring to Broadway, I'm not a huge fan." How much does your housekeeper charge per visit? "Too much, but worth every penny." Blackberry or iPhone? Blackberry Tap or sparkling? Sparkling How frequently do you check Facebook? "Once a day. It's a great way to keep in touch with all my friends back home in Hawaii." Allergy: "I don't have any, lucky me!" Exercise: "I try to everyday, I love my yoga." First fashion show: "It sounds bad, but I can't remember. Too many!" Greatest expenditure: "Upgrades. I travel so much, it makes such a difference!" Dog or cat? Dog Illicit crush: "All the men in Disney animated movies." What make you jealous? "When I'm in bad weather and I speak to someone that's on the beach in sunshine." Monthly drying cleaning bill: "Very little. I hand wash everything, even if its dry clean only. I prefer to do it myself; I hate the smell of dry cleaning product." Summer holiday: "Bali is my summer retreat every year!" cr: Daily Front Row
  8. HI LUXURY MAGAZINE COVER - JUNE/JULY 2011 (Click images TWICE to enlarge to the fullest)
  9. Petra Nemcova 10 Sandra Kubicka 8 Alexandra Alonso 7 Karen Mulder 12
  10. People We Like Model/Designer Tori Praver On Her Latest Swimsuit Collection, Why She Never Wanted to Be a Model, and Her Most Embarrassing Bathing Suit Moment By Leah Chernikoff Thursday, Jun 2, 2011 / 5:00 PM ...If you haven’t heard of Tori Praver your boyfriend probably has. The blond bombshell from Hawaii has appeared in Sports Illustrated three times, and is a former Guess? girl. But if you’re in the market for a new bathing suit you’ve probably come across Tori’s name, too. The Maui native launched her eponymous line of swimwear in 2009. Her suits have earned a following because they’re versatile–from sexy one-pieces with cutouts to high waisted cutesy floral bikinis–so you don’t have to look like Tori to look good in them. But it helps that she can model her own lookbook. Here’s what Tori had to say about modeling, designing, and bathing suit malfunctions (yes, they happen to her too). Fashionista: Is it true you never wanted to be a model? How were you discovered and why did you ultimately decided to start modeling? Tori Praver: It’s true. I always wanted to be designer. I wanted to go to design school in California before moving to New York City when I was 18. When I realized that I could have a career in modeling and travel the world, I took advantage of that opportunity. A lot of models try their hand at designing after working as a model and being exposed to the industry, but you wanted to design before you became a model. What appealed to you so much about design? I love fashion and especially swimwear. Growing up in Hawaii, I have amassed a vast collection of bathing suits–I have between 40 and 50–and always knew that someday I wanted to start my own line and create bikinis that I loved and wanted to wear. How did being a model help you get into design? I have met so many amazing people throughout my career, from photographers to editors to stylists. I think it has a been a great advantage to have these relationships and have influential people in the fashion industry inspire me. What’s the last place you’ve traveled that inspired you? Where do you want to go next? I go to Bali every summer and it never fails to inspire me in so many ways. I would love to go to Africa next. It’s the only continent I have never traveled to and it’s a dream of mine to explore it someday. Any plans to expand beyond swim? I would love to do a line of beach bags and hats one day. Maybe even sunglasses or jewelry! Most embarrassing bathing suit story? I would say the many times I have gotten out of the ocean from surfing and not realized that my top had fallen and my breasts were showing. Woops!
  11. Joanna on all three counts is the winner....IMHO
  12. Noemie Lenoir 10 Candice Swanepoel 7 Sandra Kubicka 8 Janeta Samp 12
  13. Beautiful pictures!!! Thanx so much for posting! Dear gawwwwwwwwd, let's hope she's working again on HER stuff and not somebody else's. It makes me feel like dancing! .....I'd be so tickled for her to do everything she is soooo capable of doing The sky's the limit for her, if she will just let it happen. Gorgeous photos!!
  14. Naomi Campbell (8) Cindy Crawford (10) Paulina Porizkova (12) Charlotte Free (7)
  15. Same to you, Lancelot! Sounding very Ivy League-ish today, very "the Hamptons". The weather here can't seem to make its' mind up whether it's summer or still spring. Bring on the summer, please! Bring it!
  16. to all the posters!! It seems like she may be concentrating more on HER career lately and that's good. She's amazing and could really set the world on fire if she keeps it up. She's amazing!!
  17. Isla 8 Alyssa Miller 7 Mona Johannesson 10 Anna Christine Speckhart 12
  18. Edita Vilkeviciute 10 Julie Ordon 8 Valentina Zelyaeva 12 Alejandra Alonso 7
  19. Du Juan Zoe Mantzakanis 8 Zhang Lanxin 7 Xenia Tchoumitcheva 10 Emanuela De Paula 12
  20. Esti Ginzburg 8 Chanel Celaya 12 Mona Johannesson 10 Josephine Skriver 7
  21. Andrea Bagiova 7 Edita Vilkeviciute 12 Helena Christensen 10 Doriana Agacinska 8
  22. Thanx for the pic, MK! She is darling! But, take a look at Danny's body language, fist clenched :avada: as he has his arm around her.........grrrrrrrrrrrrr! and Tori is hanging on for dear life! Let's find a new b/f for her......this is ridiculous, IMHO that is. I mean, seriously...this is nuts! :persuazn:
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