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  1. Toni as a bartender with her puppy
  2. Selfie on chandlers insta. Such a cute couple
  4. Toni on the red carpet in Cannes :dance:
  5. Picture of Toni on the homepage of this guy. I think it´s new
  6. Beauty contracts / campaigns for Toni in 2015 - please!! (Y) She looks just stunning in all those new pics!
  7. I don´t get it... Why is she still in Germany and wasn´t attending to leo´s birthday party? And that also means that she she´s 99% out for vsfs 2014 because the fittings are already over. I´m realy sad ... Anyway she looks beautiful in that white dress.
  8. She wasn't asked about the upcoming VSFS in London :-(... They only talked about how she began modelling and how her life is now. She was guest at 'Wetten dass??' in 2009 at the age of 16 and at that time the show host called her 'Maybe the next german Supermodel' and now - in 2014 - he knows that he was right. She covered several high fashion magazines and walked for all important designers / brands like victorias secret.
  9. I hope you're right! VSFS without Toni - NO! NO! NO! She was one of the best girls last year! PLEASE VS!
  10. Toni Garrn PLEASE!!! Her Face is angelic!
  11. Hello everybody, this ist my first post :-). I´m a huge Toni fan and a silent reader for months: Jil Sander Simply Campaign shoot