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  1. Miranda Kerr

    Aww don't bash Delta, I think Delta is gorgeous and she's a wonderful person. Anyway, here's another pic from Who...there's also another 2page pic of her...maybe someone can scan it?
  2. Miranda Kerr

    HQ scan of Who cover
  3. Morgane Dubled

    Anyone have the Soleil de Rochas poster ad with Morgane?
  4. The best cover challenge II

    Gemma Gemma Gemma Kate Overall: Gemma
  5. The best high fashion model

    Morgane x 3
  6. Morgane Dubled

    I Love Morgane's Rochas Soleil ad. She was breathtakingly beautiful...anyone have HQ clip of it that I can download?
  7. Superior Models challenge

    Lily x8 Amber x2
  8. The best editorial competition #2. Vote!!!

    Sasha Sasha Hana
  9. The Best Model of VSFS '07

    Michaela X2 Behati x1
  10. The Best Model of VSFS '07

    Elise x 3
  11. The best editorial competition #2. Vote!!!

    Magda Vlada Magda
  12. Vogue italia part 5

    Snejana & Linda
  13. Sophie Vlaming

    Do you have the complete editorial of this? It's way gorgeous.