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  1. She just keeps looking better and better
  2. Love it, she looks incredible as always. Hopefully she does more.
  3. From IG 10000000_1480094185745275_9205540229704414538_n.mp4
  4. Some recent interviews promoting her new show Vikings: Valhalla
  5. From IG 10000000_154088230364546_4122765710546996505_n.mp4
  6. Dolorian

    Blake Lively

    Indeed, thanks @Dea83! Blake is so amazing.
  7. She looks incredible on this shoot. The world needs Frida to do more modeling work.
  8. Dolorian

    Blake Lively

    Her fashion style is always on point. She dresses so well.
  9. From IG She isn't doing much anymore in terms of modeling but she still remains my favorite model and for my money the most beautiful woman I've ever seen.
  10. Saw this Bershka ad recently and was wondering if any one knew the name of the girl in it? Thanks in advance.
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