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  1. This is Elsa? She's with Norman Reedus in NYC (April 1)
  2. Glamour Italia July 2015 by Alvaro Beamud Cortes.
  3. @bexx2015: "Vorglühen" zur großen Party tonite: 100 Jahre Maybelline! Interview mit der zauberhaften Marloes Horst. Bald mehr in der IN! #100Jahremaybelline, #Makeup, #Beauty, #Berlin, #Glamour, #Kraftwerk, #Maybelline, #IN
  4. Maybelline New York
  5. Calzedonia Beachwear 2015 by Mariano Vivanco
  6. Thank you! I really appreciate it
  7. Source: (Eleni: "If you take any image, video or information from my site, please give appropriate credit." I spent several hours looking for the images, and don't give me credit. It was not easy to find! Even so I greatly appreciate your visit to my blog. Thank you so much!)
  8. Magazine Antidote S/S 2015 by Daniel Sannwald.
  9. Emily is joined Tumblr: