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  1. miixed

    Jessica Alba

    Its just tape for breasts, to actually keep the dress in place so there are no nipple slips. Dont freak out.
  2. miixed


    Theres a new VS commercial with Adriana in it... I just saw it tonight
  3. some of those look like they are from zeki triko
  4. miixed

    Jessica Alba

    She is so amazing... My goodness
  5. miixed


    Sounds like shes a getting married in spring lol. I dont know...
  6. nope! have you ever been to target? ( where I work )
  7. I haven't been active for awhile, all do to the fact that I dont know my login password for my desktop on Windows XP. I changed it to make it shorter and I must be an idiot because I forgot the password overnight. Do any of you have ideas for me to recover the password? Should I call someone ( windows/ gateway) I dont know what to do Thanks for your help.
  8. miixed

    I Am...

    waking up from a much needed nap
  9. I dont remember seeing that one.
  10. where did you find this?!
  11. wow i would have never said that is adriana
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