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  1. Gisele abandoned that very boring character "Mother Earth" Reasons to celebrate.
  2. A Flor da Pele. Photographer:Karine Basilio
  3. Ana Hickmann by Karine Basilio
  4. L’ANNÉE 97 » FW20 ❤ @jacquemus
  5. A special anniversary edition deserved an editorial with many photos. Disappointed.
  6. Too bad, she didn't accept. I hope other chances come up. Small roles can be steps towards achieving great opportunities.
  7. Oh my God! Really? She worked with Richard Gere, where she did a small part. Why did he refuse a role with Arnold?
  8. How sad Laetitia did not win space in North American cinema like Marion Cotillard and Lea Seydoux. Laetitia has so much personality, so much magnestism ....
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